Add PixelPin for a simple and secure way to access your .NET site.

PixelPin for .NET

There are two options when adding a PixelPin OAuth2 provider to a .Net web project.

Option 1: The easiest option, if you are using the built-in MS membership classes, is to use the PixelPin provider, which is based on the MS OAuth2Client class and which seamlessly integrates OAuth2, the DotNetOpenAuth library and the ASP.net forms authentication. These classes are all added by default when creating an empty web forms or MVC application. For this option's instructions click Option 1.

Option 2: If, however, you are not using MS membership, then attempting this integration will potentially add many dll dependencies for much functionality that you don’t actually need. In this case, it requires less dlls to implement the DotNetOpenAuth version of the PixelPin provider, although this also requires that you write the various classes to handle this interaction. Go to Option 2 to see the instructions for carrying out this second option.